Home Staging

We partner with Realtors to provide complete and partial home staging services. 

Our design expertise, premium furniture, and hard-working crew allow us to stage your listing at its highest potential. Our spaces drive homebuyer interest and realtor success.

We continually refresh our archive of high-end furniture, curated artwork, and complementary accessories to create elegant spaces that feel current and contemporary.

Home Staging Services:

  • Interior and exterior color consultation
  • Interior and exterior painting and rehab
  • Kitchen and bathroom re-design & installation
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Miscellaneous repairs and property prep
  • Curb appeal consultation & design services
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Miscellaneous repairs and property prep
  • Curb appeal consultation & design services

Founder & CEO

Mahsa Afsharpour

Mahsa Afsharpour is the owner and CEO of Saga Interiors and the Chief Creative Officer at Saga Staging, an Interior Design and Staging firm in San Francisco, Bay Area.  Mahsa’s passion for creating beautiful homes inspired her to launch Saga Staging with one of her closest friends’ Sandra Turner. 

“ With Saga Interiors I am able to see the pure joy on my clients’ faces when we’ve worked together to transform their home, expressing what’s truly important to them to live a magnificent life and in turn making it decidedly theirs” 

By launching  Saga Staging I get to relive and replicate this amazing experience even more frequently with quicker turnaround and the cherry on top is that I have the opportunity to help my clients showcase their homes at their full potential and obtain top-dollar value for their properties. 


Sandra Turner

Sandra has spent her entire career leading sales teams to success. She is passionate about sales and people development. As co-founder at Saga Staging she focuses on optimizing service operations and streamlining the customer experience. Outside of the office Sandra spends her time teaching art at her daughters school, spending time with her family, and throwing rad record-breaking school auctions for her coastal community.

Operations Manager

Golsa Afsharpour

Golsa has spent the last 6 years of her career working with talented designers by keeping them organized and on track with deadlines. At Saga Staging she continues to work behind the scenes to make sure projects are executed and implemented on time while juggling any billing inquiries that come her way.

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